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Kookaburra Mazon
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Mazon Glitter Ball (Single)
Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $7.00
Save $1.00!

Per Dozen. The Mazon Glitter Ball is beyond the Just Hockey flat rate postage. A freight cost will be confirmed by email upon purchase.

Bulk Prices Available
Kookaburra Dimple Vision (Single)
Price: $9.50
Sale Price: $7.50
Save $2.00!

A Superb game ball ideal for club and school use on grass and artificial fields. This ball has all the correct performance characteristics due to it’s solid center. Injection moulded center with a true tracking dimpled PU cover that won't stick on any surfaces.
Mazon Smooth Ball (Single)
Price: $8.00

Mazon Smooth Ball Bulk 

Prices Available
Kookaburra Dimple Standard (Single)
Price: $11.50
Sale Price: $9.50
Save $2.00!

Kookaburra’s most widely used ball, the Dimple Standard is ideal for league play. Revolutionary Dimple true tracking cover protects the homogeneous vulcanised core which is moulded from the finest cork and rubber giving all the correct performance characteristics.
Mazon Club Dimple Ball (Single)
Price: $10.50

Mazon Club Dimple Ball
Bulk Prices Available!
Kookaburra Dimple Elite (single)
Price: $19.50
Sale Price: $17.50
Save $2.00!

There is only one "Dimple" and it's the Kookaburra Dimple, because Kookaburra invented the dimpled surface especially for artificial turf. Imitations cannot copy Dimple's perfect heart - its quilt centre with three layers each of cork and worsted yarn built over a cork and rubber nucleus, finished off with a generous layer of winding. It's the full flawless construction which makes Dimple the world's leading hockey ball.