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Grays GX7000 Jumbow - Free Shipping Grays Nano 7
Grays GX7000 Jumbow - Free Shipping
List Price: $199.95
Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $159.95
Save $40.00!
Grays Nano 7
Price: $249.99
Sale Price: $189.95
Save $60.04!
The Grays GX7000 Jumbow Field Hockey Stick features a Jumbow blade profile which puts the curve at the lowest legal position, generating exceptional "drag flick" momentum.  The player's "reach zone" over which you can dribble the ball is also enhanced with the jumbow.  This stick also features an energy reduction handle creating a soft feel and great control.  Designed for advanced field hockey players including professional and college athletes.

   Energy Reduction Handle - Thermo rubber sleeve around the handle reduces and softens the handle so it improves control when hitting and receiving
   Improved Feel Area absorbs initial ball contact and provides a softer feel
   Maxi toe offers a large receiving area and is great for drag-flicks and reverse stick control
   Jumbow blade profile moves the curve lower down the blade to generate "drag flick" momentum and creates improved "reach zone"
   Ideal for professional, college and advanced high school players


   Level: Elite
   Weight: Medium (21-22 oz)
   Head Shape: Maxi
   Balance Point: 38.5 cm
   Shaft:  Composite (80% Carbon, 20% Aramid)
   Bow Type - Bow Size:  Jumbow - 24.75 mm
*Nano technology improves stick strength & stability
*Offers greater consistency when hitting the ball
*Improved feel & handling when controlling the ball
*Increased durability on synthetic pitches
*The Carbon Nanotube- When integrated within the mix of the stick resin, these minute sized Carbon Nano Tubes allow for greater strength in the bond of the resin itself on the surface of the reinforcing fibers.