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Gunn and Moore 606 Batting Gloves provide Comfort with Protection.

Replicates many features of the Original Batting Glove.
Ultra comfortable back of hand design giving flexibility and comfort.
Additional protection to first two fingers of the bottom hand giving maximum protection in exposed areas.
Breathable fingers giving added comfort.
Foam underlay to the back of the hand for added all day comfort.
Two-piece thumb for additional comfort.
Gunn and Moore 808 Batting Gloves provide professional Protection.

Replicates many features of the Original Limited Edition Batting Glove.
Calf leather palm giving durability and comfort.
Horizontal bolsters giving greater flexibility of the 3rd and 4th fingers.
Multi-layered individual overflaps to first two fingers of the bottom hand with chevron moulded foam inserts giving maximum protection in exposed areas.
Chevron split overflaps giving greater flexibility and manoeuvrability.
Breathable fingers giving added comfort.
Foam underlay to the back of the hand for added all day comfort.
Three-piece side bar protection to bottom hand giving complete protection.
Gunn and Moore 909 Batting Gloves provide Ultralight Protection.

Extremely lightweight high density foam batting glove giving great protection, flexibility and comfort.
Additional strong inserts in all fingers bottom hand.
Foam underlay to the back of the hand for added all day comfort.
Breathable fingers giving added comfort.
Three-piece side bar to bottom hand giving all-round protection.
One-piece side bar protection to top hand.
Kookaburra Blade 750 Batting Pads
Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $79.00
Save $20.00!
Mazon Fusion 3000 Field Hockey Stick
Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $150.00
Save $25.00!
Kookaburra Ice Sub 400
Price: $200.00
Sale Price: $165.00
Save $35.00!
2012 Kookaburra B 750 Batting Pads

•Professional Players quality
•Light weight Square HDF rods
•Integral HDF Thigh Protection – PVC Faced
•Three Piece external Knee Roll
•Contour Knee Roll
•Tri-Section Shin Bolster
•Additional Features :
•Australian Style Width Lead Leg to provide closer fit
•Quilted Knee Bolster for increased comfort
•Ergonomically Shaped Calf Strap to make fastening easier
•Durable Synthetic instep with Piping
•Straps, 50mm Calf & Ankle with 25mm Hook & Loop, 25mm Thigh with 25mm Hook & Loop
The Fusion 3000 has been modified to provide awesome attacking potential. The stick has a new 24mm M-Bow to help players produce fast skills and accurate shots. The maxi head shape will also help with increased ball control. Excellent stick for all levels of player. Also includes RVS, KDZ, & TS7.

Tech Talk

  • 40% Carbon 10% Aramid 50% FibreGlass
  • 24mm M Bow - ideal for sweep hitting, tomahawks & hitting
  • Maxi Head Shape

There are certain moments in time that are frozen in your memory - a perfect shot, the sound of applause, or the bowler's look of defeat. The Ice creates these moments, it's large power swell, and perfect balance delivers concentrated driving power.

Used and Endorsed by S. Jayasuriya

Available in: 2 LB 8 oz to 2lb 10oz.

Grade two Willow
Naturally 'air-dried' willow
12 piece Power Drive Sarawak cane handle
Ultra-tac Players Grip
2lb 8 oz - 2lb 10oz
Pre Prepared
Short Handle
Newbery Mjolnir 5 Star
Price: $280.00
Sale Price: $180.00
Save $100.00!
Newbery Thruxton Five Star Cricket Bat
Price: $250.00
Sale Price: $199.00
Save $51.00!
Kookaburra Menace Ultra Cricket Bat - Free Shipping
Price: $289.99
Sale Price: $224.95
Save $65.04!
* Hand-crafted from specially selected home grown Grade 1 willow
   * Classical English bat shape with weight evenly distributed to ensure superb feel and pick-up
   * Huge profile in the hitting area thus ensuring a ‘serious’ performance based product now with subtle bow for additional power
   * Oval handle with yellow grip
   * New AST 3x3 toe reinforcement for Anti-Split Toe protection
Willow Grade : G2 / Knocked In : YES / Toe Guard : YES
Weights : 2' 8 - 3' 0 oz in SH / LH (OVAL) / Face : Clear Hammer Edge Sheet
Weight Guide : Light 2' 8 - 2' 9 oz / Medium 2' 10 - 2' 12oz / Heavy 2' 13 - 3' 0 oz.
Large profiled edges, enhanced perfect middle, resulting in a remarkable pick-up. Incurves for greater profile allowing for light feel. Diamond toe finish. Bowed blade to create maximum performance. Oval handle with white grip.
Newbery Hammer Edge treatment - normally £24.99, which includes oiling, knocking in, fitted toe guard and Hammer Edge clear face sheet is included free on this bat.
New for 2013.

Humungous Profile providing heavyweight performance, designed to endanger windows on nearby houses.

Sweet Spot; High (approx 240mm to 260mm from toe)
Edge Thickness; 35mm to 41mm
Edge Profile; Square
Face Profile; Flat ‘Power Plus’ Face
Spine Height; 60mm to 66mm
Scallop; None
Bow; 12mm to 15mm
Handle; Round (12 Piece)
Weight; 2lb 12oz to 3lb 2oz

Additional Features;
White/Red/White ‘Xtreme’ Grip
'Kookaburra Pre Prepared’ (KPP)
Naturally ‘Air Dried’
Kookaburra Menace 500 Cricket Bat - Free Shipping
Price: $289.95
Sale Price: $224.95
Save $65.00!
Newbery Krakatoa Five Star Cricket Bat
Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $250.00
Save $50.00!
Newbery Krakatoa Players
Price: $325.00
Sale Price: $260.00
Save $65.00!
• Kookaburra Cricket Bat MENACE 500 : Premier League Quality Unbleached English Willow A unique ‘Power Bulge’ gives massive profile with exceptional ‘pick up’, ideal for the all round play maker

• Sweet Spot - High (approx 250mm from toe)
• Edge Thickness - 35mm to 41mm
• Edge Profile - Square
• Face Profile - Flat ‘Power Plus’ Face
• Spine Height - 58mm to 64mm
• Scallop - 6mm to 8mm
• Bow - 12mm to 15mm
• Handle - Round (12 Piece)
• White/Red/White ‘Xtreme’ Grip
• ‘Kookaburra Pre Prepared’ (KPP)
• Naturally ‘Air Dried’

* MENACE Endorsement: Ian Bell

* ‘KPP' means Kookaburra Pre Prepared, each bat lightly oiled, knocked in, blade polished, toe guard fitted. This process is reduced the amount time spent preparing bat for use, it may be that more preparation is required. If the blade dents, it needs further knocking in with bat mallet.
The Newbery Krakatoa Cricket Bat is a beautifully balanced high performance junior bat, hand crafted from selected English Willow with updated graphics.

Key Features:

Shaped with traditional sweet spot but retaining large edges.

Bowed blade for maximised performance.

Weight evenly distributed to maintain light balance and pick-up.

Hammer Edge as standard.
A cricket bat made for the huge sixes incorporating massive sweetspot and huge profile. You want thick edges? You have them with this bat. the thickest edges possible without compromising balance. Made from seleced Grade One Willow. An excellent bat ensuring reliable performance and balance. Designed Specifically and used by many International Cricket Players. Available in short handle in weights 2 lb 9 to 2 lb 12 ounces.
  • New for 2014!
  • Made to the specification and requirements of the modern day professional batsman
  • High performance bat combining power and balance at its very best
  • High percentage of wood in hitting area increasing size of sweet spot
  • Totally balanced feel for increased bat speed and the ultimate pick up
  • New minimal stylishly embossed stickers
The Tour de Force was the first bat that Woodstock produced. It has a large swell in the lower half of the blade and is very popular for all standards of cricketer. With contoured incurves and large edges great attention to detail is taken in the manufacturing process ensuring perfect balance. The Tour de Force comes with black vinyl badges and is available in weights from 2lb 7oz to 3lb and in two senior grades The Curve has a beautifully contoured blade with incurves to increase the size of the edges and maintain great balance and pickup. It is precision manufactured to high tolerances with great attention taken in all aspects of the manufacturing process. It features a 12 piece sarawak cane oval handle and a large bowed blade with weight distributed evenly for perfect balance. The Curve is available in weights from 2lb 8oz upwards in two senior grades